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Royal Hideaway Playacar

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all-inclusive Royal Hideaway Resort and Spa, Playacar Mexico
Body Treatments
Facial Treatments
Spa Packages
Beauty Salon Services
Hair Services
Nail Services

A spa like no other.  A destination like no other.  As if having butler service on the Mexican Caribbean wasn't enough, the Royal Hideaway Resort & Spa Playacar features the finest skin and massage treatments the world has ever known.  Including the western hemisphere's only Thalasso / Marine Care Center designed by French Thalassotherapy expert Thalgo.  And in addition to butler service, the resort proudly features luxurious guest quarters, 24-hour room service, private concierge, and memorable moments filled with sporting activities and world-class entertainment.

For those in search of the finest spas of the world, we proudly present the difference between the business of pampering and the art of spoiling.

The only all-inclusive resort to be named among the preferred hotels and Resorts worldwide.

Royal Hideaway Resort & Spa:  Massages

Shiatsu- Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure" and involves the application of comfortable sustained pressure to the body's surface.  No oils or creams are used.  Shiatsu is a natural technique that triggers the body's own healing powers.
Cost: $100.00 USD or $950 pesos (50 minutes)
Sport- This technique is designed to prevent muscle soreness from over-exertion or intense exercise, therefore, is excellent before or after strenuous activity.  Any specific problem areas can be concentrated on.
Cost: $80.00 USD or $760 pesos (50 minutes)
Deep Tissue- Deeper than a Swedish, this massage releases muscle tension and soreness.  This massage is popular for its ability to relax and lengthen taut or over stretched muscles.
Cost: $80.00 USD or $760 pesos (50 minutes)
Swedish- A classic European style of massage involving soothing long strokes to promote balance and harmony.  This total body massage increases circulation and helps to relax muscles; it's an essential part of any anti stress program.
Cost: $80.00 USD or $760 pesos (50 minutes)
Aromatherapy - A therapeutic treatment that combines fragrant aromatic oils to restore balance, detoxify and energize the entire body.  This massage stimulates your senses and puts you in a state of total relaxation.
Cost: $100.00 USD or $950 pesos (50 minutes)
Reflexology - Is a healing therapy based on a massage of the energy points in the hands and feet.  Deep pressure is applied to the reflex points to restore balance, relieve stress and release the energy flow in the body.
Cost: $80.00 USD or $760 pesos (50 minutes)
Reiki - Spiritual meditation work to balance your inner energy.
Cost: $80.00 USD or $760 pesos (50 minutes)
Beach- Your choice of any massage technique overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea.
Cost: $90.00 USD or $855 pesos (50 minutes)

Holistic Massage - A complete massage using a combination of different techniques to connect the mind, body, and spirit, leaving you feeling rested and rejuvenated.
Cost: $120.00 USD or $1,140 pesos (1 hour & 20 minutes)

Prices are subject to change without notice
Rates for services do not include a gratuity


Royal Hideaway Resort & Spa: Body Treatments

Body Scrub - A body exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells, this is an excellent way to prepare your skin for the sun.
Cost: $45.00 USD or $428 pesos
Frigi Thalgo- A simple cold wrap treatment that is highly effective in eliminating excess fluid from the hip and thigh area.  Excellent treatment for cellulite and relief of tired and heavy feeling legs.
Cost: $100.00 USD or $950 pesos

Micronized Marine Algae Body Wrap- Rich in vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients, this seaweed body wrap uses three different types of algae to activate circulation, relieve aches and pains, detoxify and revive the metabolic balance.
Cost: $120.00 USD or $1,140 pesos

Toning Body Wrap - On the spot preparation for intensive silhouette refining.  Rich with marine minerals and vitamins, this treatment detoxifies, reduces fluid retention and cellulite, and stimulates micro circulation.
Cost: $95.00 USD or $903 pesos

Thalgomince Body Wrap- Has been developed to provide a highly efficient solution to weight problems.  Thalgomince combines Micronized Marine Algae with selected plant extracts to eliminate excess fatty deposits, stimulating circulation, reducing water retention and relieving muscular fatigue.
Cost: $130.00 USD or $1,235 pesos

Thalgobodytherm Wrap- An innovative wrap combining a hot and cold treatment.  This wrap includes algae ingredients to eliminate fatty deposits, firm specific areas and stimulate circulation enabling a harmony of the silhouette.
Cost: $110.00 USD or $1,045 pesos

Balneotherapy Treatment- This treatment uses our hydrotherapy tub helping to restore and revitalize your body through a water massage.  The bath includes your choice of algae marine plants, sea salts, or essential oils.
Cost: $50.00 USD or $475 pesos

Scottish Shower- is a massage with water pressure used to improve circulation and is recommended as a preparation for any massage.
Cost: $35.00 USD or $333 pesos

Prices are subject to change without notice
Rates for services do not include gratuity


Royal Hideaway Resort & Spa:  Face Care

Gelatine-Verbena - A gentle and relaxing heat mask based on lemon verbena to soothe and relieve congestion of fragile, delicate skin.  This unique mask is combined with anti wrinkle extracts to re-hydrate and firm.  Also available as an eye treatment for dark circles, congestion and puffy eyelids.
Cost: $95.00 USD or $903 pesos

Modeling Mask - A powerful catalyst, Modeling Mask stimulates cellular renewal and remodels facial contours.  This mineral base mask serves as a thermal support for deep penetration of active ingredients and it helps to combat premature skin, sagging and wrinkling skin.
Cost: $130.00 USD or $1,235 pesos

Algae Mask - has been created with natural marine elements rich in amino acids and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B12, C and D).  It stabilized sebaceous secretions, stimulates coetaneous circulation and combats surface toxins.
Cost: $95.00 USD or $903 pesos

Thalgodermyl Treatment- This treatment helps re-balance impurities of the excess of sebum, reduces pores and soothes the skin.  Its anti-seborrhiac, comedolytic and bacteriostic powers permit a rapid and effective result.
Cost: $90.00 USD or $855 pesos

Pure Collagen Velvet Mask - Intensively hydrating for sun damaged skin and fine lines and wrinkles, with pure native soluble collagen, protein rich extracts and cream, this treatment softens and smoothes the skin and helps maintain moisture balance.  Also available for neck and eyes.
Cost: $130.00 USD or $1,235 pesos

Cold Marine Mask - A clay mask which encourages vaso-constriction and stimulates the blood circulation in the face; oxygenates the skin to facilitate the elimination of toxins.  This mask has a tightening effect which smoothes and relaxes stress and age related living lines.
Cost: $90.00 USD or $855 pesos

02 Marine - A purifying treatment for sallow, sluggish skin polluted by stress and a negative lifestyle.  This facial booster incorporates marine and plant proteins to re-oxygenate and nourish the skin, resulting in a natural healthy glow.
Cost: $115.00 USD or $1,093 pesos

Logique de Beaute & Floral Mask- An energizing facial based entirely on ecologically pure products and vegetal extracts combined with our rose and lavender floral mask, perfect for tired stressed skin and premature aging.
Cost: $90.00 USD or $855 pesos

Aromatherapy Essential Face Care- Combining the purest essential oils, plant extracts and cool seaweed mask, this facial is the ultimate in relaxation; softens expression lines and is totally tension relieving for all skin types.
Cost: $100.00 USD or $950 pesos

Aquarelle - Using micro Thalgosomes and Micronized Marine algae, this revitalizing treatment gives in depth hydration and nourishes toneless and lackluster skin.
Cost: $115.00 USD or $1,093 pesos

Prices are subject to change without notice
Rates for services do not include gratuity


Royal Hideaway Resort:  SPA Packages

Druiden Day ( 3 hours ) - Steam room or sauna, body scrub, Micronized Marine Algae body wrap, relax massage
Cost: $234.00 USD

Aura Day ( 3 hours ) - Deep conditioning treatment for the hair, wash and style, spa manicure and spa pedicure.
Cost: $120.00 USD

Thalassomar ( 4 hours) - Any facial of your choice, relax massage, spa manicure and spa pedicure.
Cost: $225.00 USD

Jasmine Rose ( 2.5 hours ) - Scottish shower, Balneotherapy, relax massage, pedicure.
Cost: $200.00 USD

Ocean Day ( 2 days)

1st day: Steam room or sauna, body scrub, Micronized Marine Algae wrap, relax massage (3 hours).

2nd day: Gelatin Verbena Facial, Relax Massage, manicure and pedicure (3.5 hours)
Cost: $360.00 USD

Fitness Plan ( 2.5 hours ) - Scottish Shower, Massage with Thalgoslim, toning body wrap
Cost: $170.00 USD

Prices are subject to change without notice
Rates for services do not include gratuity


Royal Hideaway Resort and Spa:  Beauty Salon Services

Hair Services  
Haircut $40.00 USD
Shampoo and style $35.00 USD
Shampoo and style (long hair) $40.00 USD
Men's haircut $25.00 USD
Up - Do     prices start at $40.00 USD
Color and highlights - consultation needed  
Intensive mask for hair $35.00 USD
Decorative Braids $4.00 each
Half crown braids (1.5 hrs.) $35.00
Nail Services  
Spa manicure 1 hour $35.00 USD
Manicure 50 minutes $25.00 USD
Spa pedicure 1 hour $50.00 USD
Pedicure 50 minutes $35.00 USD
Polish change 30 minutes $10.00 USD
Full leg $60.00 USD
Half leg $40.00 USD
Bikini $20.00 USD
Half Arm $15.00 USD
Full Arm $30.00 USD
Brow, Lip or Chin $15.00 USD
Armpit $20.00 USD


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